ROHN Products, LLC, the manufacturer of the 9H50, H20, H30, H40 and H50, does not provide a weight limit or wind load capability for these Telescopic Masts.

They are intended to be used for TV or FM antennas or small VHF/UHF verticals. Their catalog states "Telescopic Masts are not recommended for commercial, CB or beam antenna installations."

Hams are using them for wire antennas and light, small beams, but guying in three or four directions at two or more levels is an absolute requirement. Non-removable, integral galvanized guy rings are provided at the top of each each section. Non-metallic rope guys may be used to preserve antenna performance and reduce detuning effects.

Unfortunately, no weight or wind load handling specs were ever determined for these galvanized steel telescopic masts.

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