The following instructions were provided by the developer of the Broadband Hexbeam, Steve Hunt, G3TXQ.

  1. Try to get the antenna up to it at least 13 ft. (4m) high for testing so there will not be a large frequency shift when you lift it to its final position. If possible, it is better to install the antenna at full height to make initial and subsequent SWR measurements.
  2. Connect your analyzer to the feedpoint through a convenient length of coax, and be sure to have a 1:1 current balun/choke close to the feedpoint.
  3. Find the frequencies where the SWR is a minimum for each band.
  4. Starting with the lowest band requiring tuning, adjust each the wire element lengths to your preferred frequencies, one band at a time, using the formula:

New Length = (Old Frequency) x (Old length) ÷ (New Frequency)

This procedure will keep the Driver/Reflector ratio the same, which is important. In other words, your wire length adjustments for each driven element half will be half of the length adjustment made on the corresponding reflector.

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