Shorter vertical antennas, such as Hustler's BTV series, Hy-Gain's AV-14AVQ, AV-18AVQ, and similar antennas with trap or coil loading under 30 ft. in height are good candidates for above-ground mounting. We don't recommend elevating the popular 43 ft. verticals, such as our DXE-MBVE-1.

You'll need two to four each of the 1/4 wave tuned resonant length wires shown below for each band your antenna covers. The 40m radial will work for both 40 and 15 meters.:

  • 80m, 67 ft.
  • 60m, 44 ft.
  • 40m, 33 ft.
  • 30m, 23 ft.
  • 20m, 16 ft.
  • 17m, 13 ft.
  • 12m, 9 ft.
  • 10m, 8 ft.
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